When Your Cat or Dog Becomes Constipated

by Carol Petersen, RPh CNP

Humans understand the discomfort of constipation and naturally want to help their pets from suffering the same consequences. Often the search takes a person to the pharmacy or the internet seeking a prompt, easy source of relief for their pets.

Interestingly, pure canned pumpkin or fresh cooked pureed pumpkin can be used for cats or dogs. Pumpkin may be mixed with normal food or eaten plain. One or two tablespoon doses per day is recommended. Make sure not to use any spices like those contained in a canned pumpkin pie filling. Pumpkin works by adding bulk to the stool..

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Talking With PHP Pete

Dear PHP Pete,

I work in a wildlife sanctuary and I have the honor of rehabilitating a wood chuck. I cannot get the wood chuck to take any of his medicine. I know you can add flavoring to medicine to make it more palatable. What flavor would you suggest for a wood chuck who wants desperately to heal so he can get back to chucking wood? Regards, Hazel.

Dear Hazel:

PHP Pete understands how important it is for wood chucks to feel better so they can continue to chuck all the wood they want! After all, who would chuck wood if a wood chuck couldn't chuck wood? I would like to tell you we have wood flavoring but that is not an option. A wood chuck is a forest based creature and a member of the family Sciuridae, belonging to the group of large ground squirrels known as marmots. Wood chucks are mainly herbivores so they prefer grasses, clover, wild berries, farm crops and of course the delicacies people grow in gardens such as beans, peas and melons. PHP Pete suggests the best way for your wood chuck to be compliant with medication would be to use strawberry flavoring which would taste like a wonderful treat. Happy healing to your wood chuck, Hazel!


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