Dogs With Allergies

Ask PHP Pete!

Dear PHP Pete,

My Dog, Chester is in misery. Chester is my mixed breed rescue dog with a strong retriever look. He was stuck in the shelter for over nine months before we found each other. I think he is trying to make up for time lost in a cage because every chance he gets he loves to run. He does not let underbrush or tall grass stop him; he simply bounds through it all! Usually, he has a soft pink belly but recently I noticed some red irritated skin on his belly which he keeps scratching constantly. I know he does not have fleas. We have bonded so strongly that I think he may have decided to share my allergies, could this be possible? I am usually sneezing and Chester is usually itching. I am afraid we are chasing away potential friends at the local dog park. Do you have any suggestions to help Chester?

Chester’s Dad

dogs with allergies

Dear Chester’s Dad,

I totally understand about socializing at the local dog park and that tag-team sneezing/itching is not going to make either of you any new friends! Dogs with allergies can be a problem, so you should take Chester to visit your local veterinarian.

Options for Treating Dogs with Allergies

One idea you may want to share with your veterinarian is a medication called oclacitinib, which can be compounded at Pet Health, a division of Women’s International Pharmacy, Inc..

Here is the information you can share with your veterinarian:

Oclacitinib: for the control of pruritus and associated skin lesions in dogs with canine allergic dermatitis.

Some examples of strengths of oclacitinib compounded by Pet Health include:

  • 1.8mg
  • 2.7mg
  • 3.8mg
  • 5.7mg
  • 8mg

Compounded oclacitinib is shipped overnight on ice. Also, compounded oclacitinib must be stored in the fridge for short term use (days to weeks) and should be stored in the freezer for long-term storage (months).

For any specific questions about oclacitinib or other details about dog allergies, please call Pet Health for additional information at 800.742.0516, or e-mail us at!


PHP Pete

  • Cosgrove SB, et al. Efficacy and safety of oclacitinib for the control of pruritus and associated skin lesions in dogs with canine allergic dermatitis. Veterinary Dermatol. 24: 479-e114. 2013. doi: 10.1111/vde.12047.